High Country Candle Company


Candle Colors

Interested in the explanation as to why we don't have a color chart?

◾Every candle we make is individually hand poured. We attempt to make them in a color that would corraspond to that particuliar scent, but depending on the quantity of candles being made at that time, is dependant on how the color upon cooling will turn out. We quite simply attempt to make the color the same each time but can not supply you with a guarentee of a specific color

◾Fragrance oil affects color (cinnamon is a major culprit). Fragrance oil can be clear or almost a dark brown color, yellow or nearly orange. The tint of the fragrance oil will completely affect the dyed color of the candle. This is why we can't make certain candle scents in a light purple color, for instance � if the fragrance oil is fairly yellow, it mixes with the purple dye and turns it a gray color. To override that yellow fragrance oil tint, we have to add enough purple dye that the color ends up being more of a deep medium purple shade.

We specialize in highly-scented candles. We want to provide the best quality we can, with a large number of fragrances for our customers to choose from.

We Hope You Understand This Concept!!!

Kevin and Laura